A solution that is customizable, scalable, and adaptable to the reality of the human resources management processes. 


Gain the ability to perform ad-hoc analysis and be autonomous in the construction of new dashboards


Ingestion of data from various operational sources, related to the several Human Resources strategic areas.

Human Resources Analytics

Recent organizational trends reveal a significant growth in the number of Human Resources professionals who use analytics as the main means of sustaining their decision making. In many cases, the definition of the organization's strategy regarding people management is also based on a set of analytical analysis. However, and in the opposite direction, the work of HR Analytics is still often done manually, which can represent losses in terms of time and compromise efficiency.

Thus, we developed an analytical model with the aim of giving Human Resources teams a simple and practical work tool that would meet their needs, allowing them to have a better capacity to perform several analyses and greater clarity in their decision-making process.





Key points



Obtain a solution that is fully customizable and adaptable to your organizational needs;



Centralize analytical information in one place, through the creation of Dashboards;


Decision making

Increase the ease of the strategic decision-making process in the Human Resources area, making it more efficient;


Real-Time Visibility

Gain real-time visibility on the main Human Resources metrics and indicators, in a quick and simple way;


Analysis ability

Increase the ability to analyze the several strategic people management processes;


Human Resources Analytics

Make your Human Resources analytical structure more agile, effective, and simplistic;


Processes improvement

Improve processes, automate tasks, and neutralize the possibility of error.


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