Information and Management Portal

More than an information portal, it represents the catalyst that integrates knowledge into strategic management

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With the Management Information Platform, our customers can digitally transform their organizations in a safer, faster and more agile way of accessing information.

The Management Information portal is an internal system that aims to centralization of access to data through provision of dashboards, reports and other documents in a single location oriundos de different platforms. This platform can fit into existing systems at all levels, from authentication and authorization, to the data itself. The management information portal will be the stage for all actions to be implemented in the new tool, as it will be the place where a user connected to the internet through a simple web browser, provided they are duly authenticated and authorized, will be able to browse and manage information that he has access.

Customizable solution to each user needs

Intuitive interface and dashboards

Ability to integrate with all information sources

Main advantages


Customize the presentation and organization of content. Integrate with your existing systems (authentication, visualization, backoffice, etc.)


See in one place all the reports, documents, internal websites and dashboards relevant to the management and operation of your business.


By using a common interface to access information, users will benefit from a consistent and clear experience.

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