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Solutions developed based on the experience acquired in the implementation of numerous projects, being ready to use with minimal customization, optimizing implementation and availability times.

In addition to these solutions, B2F has a set of frameworks and quickstarts that make it possible to accelerate development and use mechanisms already tested.

Business Management

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from the Noun Project

HR Model

An analytical model that aims to provide people management teams with a simple, practical work tool that meets their needs, allowing them a greater capacity for analysis and greater clarity in the decision-making process.

Information and management portal

A management information platform provides the possibility of digitally transforming your business in a safer, faster and more agile way of accessing information.

e-Commerce Portal

E-commerce websites are online portals that facilitate online transactions of goods and services by transferring information and funds over the internet. With a single website, anything and everything a transaction needs can be executed online.


Boost the efficiency of your business with our POS (Point of Sale) System. With a user-friendly interface, AI and customizable features, our POS System is the ideal choice to boost the effectiveness of your business.

Ideas Portal

Awaken creativity and promote innovation with our Ideas Portal. An inspiring and collaborative platform designed to capture, cultivate and transform innovative concepts into new processes or products.

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